Or Saving My Life One Pedal Stroke At A Time

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Hi! This is my inaugural blog. I’ve been quite nervous about doing it, even though I’m a professional writer, because I don’t want to make any mistakes or do it incorrectly. However, a friend pointed out that an entity with the ridiculous title of “blog” does not have any rules. I mean, it’s not like I’m writing a “scriveners’ collaborative exposition of information” or something.

Sooooo… like many of the best experiences of my life I decided to just jump in and do it, and figure it out as I go along. Kind of like life. Although my friends will likely laugh hysterically since they know me as a consummate planner.

Maybe the best place to start is at the beginning. On October 1, 2012 I weighed 200 pounds and was size 16. X-large knit stretch pants made up the majority of my wardrobe. I ate all the time even though I wasn’t hungry. And as my body got bigger, my world got smaller.

In 9 months I lost 70 pounds. I now wear size 6, and I did it the old fashioned way – I ate less and exercised more. Along the way, I ended a marriage that was killing me by inches (and pounds), gave up having a vehicle, gained two bicycles, and discovered a love for doing CrossFit. My face became brighter and my smile became bigger the happier I got. In short, I’ve transformed my life. And as my body got smaller and more fit, my world has gotten larger.

As I say in the section “About,” I am not a nutritionist. I am not a personal trainer. I do not have a degree in exercise physiology. I was just a fat, middle aged woman who got on a bike.

So the best part of starting a blog today is that I did it. Just like that first pedal stroke, or the first hill, or the first time I picked up a barbell, I know this will get both easier and more challenging, but I can do it. And along the way, I’m hoping to help inspire others make healthy changes too.


Comments on: "Best Part of Starting a Blog Today?" (14)

  1. wow !!! so cool !! I am looking forward to all future posts- even if you misspell words and such ! CONGRATS on the new blog, and new life !! 🙂

  2. Victoria Schneider said:

    Sandy – I am so happy for you and I love your new blog and it’s title…perfect! You really do look amazing. You inspire!

  3. Thank You for the Inspiration!!!

  4. I’ve been steadily gaining weight over the last couple of years. I keep saying I have no time, but I just don’t have the drive. I need to get up and go!

    • One of the blog posts I’m going to do will be about motivation. Because I went to Weight Watchers for 13 years while I steadily gained. When I finally had the motivation, I used Weight Watchers principles but didn’t go to meetings because I didn’t need to. Between that and exercising, my weight fell like a stone. That whole “it’s harder to lose weight in middle age” turned out to be a big, fat myth!

  5. ginamiller928 said:

    Fabulous start! Congratulations. Now can you teach some of us how to start a blog too? Lol ….

    • Well, basically I went to http://www.wordpress.com and tooled around. I made enough mistakes that poof! a blog appeared. The look of my page is a free one I activated. Then I thought about what message I wanted to write, and figured out how to upload pictures. I’ll be more than happy to help walk you through the process. Do you Skype? We could do it that way!

  6. I’m so happy for you, Sandy! And thanks for sharing! I am a huge stand for people to be a healthy weight and to ride bikes for transportation.

  7. There must be some reason that I discovered this two days after its inception.

  8. Good job girlie….looking fabulous and your words are tre’ magnifique!

  9. Hi Sandy! It’s been so nice seeing you go through this transformation through pictures on facebook. Congratulations for having the strength and believing in yourself to make a difference in your life. My brother is big into CF and since we work together often times my day begins with hearing him say “Sarah, guess what I did at CF today or guess how many of ….I did at CF today”. I love it! I look forward to reading your blog and wish you continued joy and happiness. Perhaps one day you will blog about the experience of riding El Tour De Tucson…..or maybe you already have.

    XOXO from CA!

    • Hi Sarah!

      It’s good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words. Believe me, I NEVER thought I was capable of doing CrossFit. I’m just blown away by the support everyone has given me. What is especially touching is when people tell me about their own journeys for health and fitness. I think about you a lot and hope everything is going well for you!


  10. Kellie White said:

    You are an amazing lady, Sandy! I’ve loved watching your journey and really enjoy reading your posts. Good luck with the blog!

    • Thank you, Kellie! Your support through this whole process means so much to me. My spidey-sense says we’ll be doing CrossFit together someday!


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